Full name – Teh Chan Kerk
Lives and works in Singapore
Co-founder of Impasto Art Junction in 1994
Chairman of Sentosa Artists Village from 2001 to 2004
Founder of My Art Space in 2005
e: chankerk@myartspace.com.sg | http://www.chankerk.com


  • 1994 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Diploma in Fine Art

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2015 Chankerk: Contemporary Asian Landscapes, Earnst & Young Gallery, Singapore
  • 2014 Chankerk: Forming The City, Chan Hampe Galleries, Singapore
  • 2013 Horizons of Change 2013, Chan Hampe Galleries, Singapore
  • 2011 Space Activities Culture, Chan Hampe Galleries, Singapore
  •           6000 Meters, Fullerton Heritage Gallery, Singapore
  • 2010 Chinatown – Horizons of Changes, Fill-you-walls Gallery, Singapore
  • 2009 Melting Pot, Fill-you-walls Gallery, Singapore
  • 2002 Plein Air Sentosa, Sentosa Artist Village Gallery, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2012 City Scapes Unbound, OCBC Arts Space
  • 2011 Singapore Biennale, invited as part of John Low project
  • 2009 New Finds, ARTSingapore
  •           NAFA Alumni Show, NAFA Galleries
  •           Creations, Fill-you-walls Gallery, Singapore
  • 2008 Opening Show, my art space, Singapore
  • 2007 Art Singapore 2007, Singapore Art Museum
  • 2006 Transition, Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore, Singapore
  • 2005 TRF 2nd Annual Show, my art space, Singapore
  • 2003 TRF 1st Annual Show, Blk 43 Studio, Singapore
  •           Mid Year Show 2003, Sentosa Artists Village Gallery, Singapore
  • 2002 Annual Show 2002, Sentosa Artists Village Gallery, Singapore
  •           5th Season Art Exhibition, Sentosa Artists Village Gallery, Singapore
  •           Diary Art Exhibition, Sentosa Artists Village Gallery, Singapore
  • 2001 Annual Show 2001, Sentosa Artists Village Gallery, Singapore
  •           Water and Plants, Sentosa Artists Village Gallery, Singapore
  •           Sentosa – Peace and Tranquility, Sentosa Artists Village Gallery, Singapore
  •           Members of Art Village Studios, Sentosa Island, Singapore
  • 1998 Friendship II Group Exhibition, Impasto Art Junction, Singapore
  • 1995 Friendship Group Exhibition, Impasto Art Junction, Singapore
  •           Transit, Orchard Point Gallery, Singapore
  • 1991 1/2 Step Exhibition, Gallery 1, Selegie Campus, NAFA, Singapore



Giorgia Madonno

Chankerk art is bold, energetic, in movement. He tells an unusual story of Singapore with the multiple perspectives, the expressive colors, the purpously unfinished lines. I love the depth of Chankerk's gaze. You can lose yourself in details of his representation of the shadows. They have a very contemporary and abstract component. At the same time looking the painting from far his representation of Singapore (even more in the larget artworks) the impact is very strong, the composition always surprising and you have the impression of entering inside Singapore borrowing the acute eyes of the artist. You travel, reflect and enjoy Singapore at the same time. I love the fact that seeing Chankerk's artwork you encounter also his beautiful soul.

Giorgia Madonno
Entrepreneur, consultant, university professor and artist.

Holly Woo

Chankerk's brush strokes are energetic, purposeful and not just for laying of colours! Each stroke represents his conviction and ideas complementing the subject at hand. Amidst the seemingly random brush strokes, there is a silent harmony that brings the viewer into the painting and binds the whole painting together. In some of his cityscape paintings, for instance, the viewer can feel the city vibes with the street buildings coming alive, trees rustling and traffic rushing. In his landscape paintings, the viewer can feel the waves dancing and wind brushing. A sensory treat to the viewer in my humble opinion as a layman looking at his paintings.

Holly Woo

Josephine Chan

Chankerk’s cityscape is full of life and energy! Buildings, houses and streets from unconventional angle are described with bold lines and vivid colors, leaving the viewers to imagine the activities and stories behind!

Josephine Chan

Kelvin Teo

I have especially enjoyed Chankerk's art style. His representation of a cityscape is one that is spontaneous but not without control, capturing the fluid movement of the scene and yet grounded in the shapes and colours. There is a balance mix of busyness and serenity in these artworks, combining a sense of occasion n peace in them.

Kelvin Teo

Low Lee Teck

我不喜欢太过规律化的城市风景线的写生画。 但,常格(Chankerk)的钢笔淡彩写生,却能很快的攫住我的眼球,乱中有序,下笔利落的笔触和色彩,一点也不浮夸。 我很钟爱他以阿克力(acrylic)描绘闹市中的建筑物,有别于一般的写生,画作是画家经过自身的观感,独一的艺术思维手法,散发出来的活力和激情,感觉上画家不是为画而画,而是有感于现代城市生活的忙和盲的激荡而画。 水莲也是我喜欢的另一系列,有别于莫奈的恬静,他的一叶一花环环相扣,挥洒着道不完的故事。 难得赏好画读好画,分享更是我的荣幸。

Low Lee Teck

Tan Ngiap Heng

I find Chankerk’s art bold and adventurous. There is much vitality in his paintings and his drawings. He has a unique style of presenting the essentials of each scene that he encounters and translating them into works that have drama. His work is both spontaneous and cohesive at the same time. And many of his landscape work have an ambitious scale.

Tan Ngiap Heng

Cristina Prado

The artwork of Chankerk shows emotion and energy through expressive brushstrokes. The colours and the use of contrast in his pieces create excitement in the time the city is captured.

Cristina Prado
Director of Communications and PR / CPR Media Partners Pte. LTD.

Chiu King Tong Donna

Looking at Chankerk’s art is always a very pleasant experience. I can never miss the liveliness and energy brought into reality by his signature brushstrokes, and the invitation to stretch my imagination, following his brushstrokes to experience the flow and happening in his manifestation of the urban world. The uniqueness of Chankerk’s paintings is not only an outcome of the viewing experience achieved by his skills, it’s also a result of his truthfulness to his feeling to and interpretation of what he sees. This sense of authenticity comes through very strongly even though the paintings may be of the common urbanscape that I come across day in day out, and this makes me appreciate Chankerk’s art even more.

Chiu King Tong Donna